Poem – Turn

The turn is coming, I can feel it just beyond

The chambers have opened, the horrors unleashed

What’s to come, I can’t explain

Hold on tight, or you’ll lose the game

Now now, you’ve been here before, just sit up tall and get a grip


Poem – Your Pain

How many times have you been told to let it go, forget the past and to carry on

Are you also sick of the expectations this world wants, to forgive it all and just press on

Conform to the world and ignore your pain, because pity to those that afflictions are in the way

Don’t let this world force you to hide your pain

Dragged through your hell, the world can’t see, no, won’t see

But when you close your eyes to sleep, you will see.

Poem – Tilted World

There is no words to describe what our civilisation has become

Anger sparked by words more so than actions, how can this be?

Watch millions die around the world but the spoken language hurts the most?

I cared for all humanity for what we tried to be, but never will we fix our foundation, tilted we’ll forever be.

Poem – Quick To Quit

You want to escape reality, of all that is against you?

End existence, to leave it all, it’s only a simple move

The power trip is over now, leave it at the door

For death has a keen eye for the ones that gave it up so quick.

Poem – Charred Book of Hope

The book has always been within your grasp, but you’ve denied it all this time

Through erroneous ways and unthought mistakes, the end shall always be the same

But based on luck from in the cosmos and across time and space, things have worked out true for you, wrecked child thought of thee

All that’s left to do now is turn the pages of the book, be it charred from the destruction around you, it will always exist to be

Hope is in your grasp though your mind remains a labyrinth, you’ll suffer this your whole life but no the book will truly remain.

Poem – Once Again

Dilute all my sorrows, before it takes me whole

Drowning me in memories, lest I must forget them

Life was thought to be a simplistic way, thus caught us off guard

Take me down to the river bend, set me free once again.

Poem – To Carry On

Your words will lead you to the slaughter, and you’ll be vilified for them too

To bite your tongue and deny your words, this is your hardest choice

The world will hate the real you for that much is true

so sacrifice your own free thoughts and see where that gets you

Humanity forsakes itself each and every day, so you’ll find yourself along the grain with all the populous too

There’s nothing left to say here for the riddle continues on,

Deny yourself and the world so you may carry on.

Poem – The “Truth”

For the world will forget who you are, as will I

Your grasp is crumbling as is your own “will”

For the world is opening its eyes and seeing the real “truth”

Your invalid words will forever be removed

Your fear-mongering ways is now wrapping its hands around your own throat

We will laugh to see your iconic stronghold be no more.

– I may go to hell.

Poem – Hurt

I can’t seem to win, in this meaningless world 

My mind sings tunes of insomnia, because of the choices I seem to make

The darkness has always followed in my steps, but the pain will blemish when right 

I’ve never asked for much, and much I haven’t received, but love has found me this I know, that’s why this hurts me so 

This world doesn’t have much for me but I don’t want it all, the family I have is all I want from this disappointing world 

My mind and heart ache daily this I can’t deny, but love sometimes conquers so that’s why I’m here after all. 

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