Realisation – A Crumble of Words

He called upon his name in search of a direction. He’d been lost for some time at this point and wasn’t sure what to do. He questioned himself for a while wondering if there would be a destination that would give him what he was after. 

“Can you hear me? I’ve been calling out your name for ‘ours it seems! I needn’t this mess right now, I want your help!”.

He fell to his knees, realising his desperation.. the agony in his heart, the empty feeling from within.. was there no comfort in this helpless world, are we damned til the end. 

The tears start to stream down his face. He screams out with such horror..


Poem – Turn On A Dime

Here one minute but gone the next, are you able to catch up with me? 

Joyful life turns to sorrowful thinking, can you remain to withstand me?

Obtuse thoughts can corrupt it all, I plead for you to stay of course.

These can’t be fixed with magic or time, though keeping at bay is all I foretell 

Imagine your world ten years from now, don’t you miss it all now that it’s gone

Cursed and crushed will forever be, though my aching heart will flee from thee

Speaketh thy words of illicit thoughts, thou shalt not tremble for pain will always remain. 

In the Beginning

“In {the} end I decimated my heavens and my earth. Now my mind proved to be formless and destructive and there was darkness deep within my consciousness”. Steven’s Genesis 1:1-2.

Poem – Forget Me Is The Answer

Compressing my skull in an act of hate, knowing my actions left such an ill fate

My pleas continue to go unanswered, god-forbidden, the grand jury sentenced 

The test of time is causing effects, slowly dying and knowing all isn’t forgotten 

Searching for comfort in my war torn mind, hell hath no fury for those of crime 

Not even man can save me now, nor ‘fore or after, as my pain will kill me, real soon, real swift


I’ll burn away my sorrow and life, knowing all of my will be sent to ashes 

As it’s best always said,

It’s better to burn out, than to fade away.

Poem – Euphoric Canopus  

Like a Phoenix from the ashes I raised, with eyes of victory in my gaze 

Unstoppable, unbeatable and unreplaceable I became, irritable, untrustable, detestable to they

Making them fall at my feet, knowing I was a god among men, admired and respected, not earned but expected

Don’t you see what I am, I great god walking along men? Don’t you see what I’ve done, making everything that was wrong, right? 

But caution fled thy thoughts, like the lazed fled labor

Didn’t I see what I am, mere being walking along people? Didn’t I see what did, destroying everything that was built?

Thinking I was a bright star amongst it all, one of the brightest stars of them all

Thinkagain fine thoughts, as revenge is best served chill cold. 


Shattered dreams of Ill-equating life

Struggling to squander the depths of it all

Being sucked down into the space-like sea

Not sure of creations and life

Spinning and whirling I’ll lose all senses 

Shielding my life from yours, as I’ve done forevermore

The eyes watch us, knowing what I’ve done

Remove the eyes, seperate it all

Our heroism is no more

Should I lose my mind today

Know I was chivalrous to the end. 

Poem – Compromising

Down below I will flow, knowing up above is where you’ll show 

For I no longer bare to dream, as all I see is damning to breathe

Closer I fall to the pits of rest, fear and love means nothing down there 

Looking for help and knowing it’s there, but long far gone, it’s compromising now 

They’ll call for an awakening, for my realisation to begin, but my heart can’t allow it, it can’t, it won’t. 

Closing days you see are all but near, and a new day starts, change is clear 

Please help, I scream outside, by inside, I’m left bound and tied

This world isn’t the same, it’s stained and marked, by the blows of my hand this place is shards 

Down below I will flow, knowing up above is where you’ll show. 

Poem – Hindsight

Through a cursed life mistakes were made, enduring hell is what we made 

We know what we’ve done, giving the ability to dwell, we beg for a chance to change 

We can’t change the past, we can’t erase our mistakes, and we will forever be tormented

Can you continue on? Or is the journey already ruined? Will you forget your faults? Or is the crime to great? 

Hellish thoughts eat away at my mind, burrowing deep within thy brain 

I scratch and claw to erase it all, but it will be with me forevermore. 

You can’t hide from your past, your past will haunt you forever

But take hope in the fact that the end will erase all. 

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