My thoughts of you have faded away

And the embers have now come to cold

The rain will wash you away from behind my eyes

With the wind sweeping you away

Let the winter frost freeze you over

And the summer heat melt you away.



Put these words to rest, as they don’t even matter now

Hidden from the eyes of all, yet you continue on

Put it to rest like all of your dreams, settle down and know, you failed it all.

Leave it all behind, they all disgust your eyes

Let it all go, just let it all go.

Spectacle of Fire – Poem / Lyrics

Left in the fire, let to burn

Knowing that I will not survive

It’s engulfed my spirit and soul

And turning it all to ash

Did you even care for me

Knowing all I had to give

Instead you betrayed me once again

And let me melt into the earth



Smoke and Mirrors

The anger for you, I won’t let go

Far beyond our world you led me to believe, but revealed to be nothing but smoke and mirrors

My subjection and self-slavery, for your well-written lies

The fear that you embedded haunts me so, but waking to your fabrication

For so long I feared my death, as I didn’t know how I’ll be judged

But now I truly believe, God’s not dead, He’s just another illusion.

Cry – Poem

I crawl back to my cold, dark place, in attempt to avoid the feeling

The ache I know that still exists, and my heart cannot be healed

Tears fall on the inside of my shell, as the exterior is broken beyond repair

I’ll cry out forever, as this has been my sentence

My cry for help will only be a noise, noise to an earless world.

Drag me from my burrow by my shackles, drag me to the end.

Poem – Turn

The turn is coming, I can feel it just beyond

The chambers have opened, the horrors unleashed

What’s to come, I can’t explain

Hold on tight, or you’ll lose the game

Now now, you’ve been here before, just sit up tall and get a grip

Poem – Your Pain

How many times have you been told to let it go, forget the past and to carry on

Are you also sick of the expectations this world wants, to forgive it all and just press on

Conform to the world and ignore your pain, because pity to those that afflictions are in the way

Don’t let this world force you to hide your pain

Dragged through your hell, the world can’t see, no, won’t see

But when you close your eyes to sleep, you will see.

Poem – Tilted World

There is no words to describe what our civilisation has become

Anger sparked by words more so than actions, how can this be?

Watch millions die around the world but the spoken language hurts the most?

I cared for all humanity for what we tried to be, but never will we fix our foundation, tilted we’ll forever be.

Poem – Quick To Quit

You want to escape reality, of all that is against you?

End existence, to leave it all, it’s only a simple move

The power trip is over now, leave it at the door

For death has a keen eye for the ones that gave it up so quick.

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