Poem – Uninspired Touch

(Inspired by the song Shadow Life by Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators – https://youtu.be/xWGQw8icfN8

When we touch do you feel the cold, the missing heart within it all

It’s been draining within, is it you or me

Why have you changed your ways so; do you care for the life anymore? 

The secrets you’ve kept from me have been nothing but damning, as your arrogance has been oh so self inflating 

Left to our own devices do you even choose to think, or have you willingly chose to erase us all 

Eviscerated love from within your soul, you have brought this misery upon us all 

This shadow life you’ve eagerly chose to portray is nothing but twisted delusions, yet the smile on your face shows that it’s the life you want to willingly perfect

How long can the pleas last until you return to me? Do turn around and show me all but your back 

I loved you and know that I did, but I can’t love what I no longer know 

I’m sorry. 


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