Poem – War Torn Mind

Battle scars from within my mind, like a castle chamber left tattered after war-torn fights

Soldiers were at the ready, searching for that killing blow; but my mind was ill-prepared and was handed the most bitter price

Cries and screams came from all around, the fire inside was fleeing high

Was the end about to shape, like a figure’s shadow in the sun; the end was near, shouldn’t that be more clear 

Blows to both soul and mind, losing oneself in it’s self, a confusing and convoluted as it always claims

Help me find peace as I reach out to you, my forgiveness and solace lays within reach

C’mon down to the fiery pits below, where you’ll find tortured memories blissfully dying

I know what I am now after searching for so long; not yet a monster but far gone from prior idols

I’ll cry internally until the end of something clear, the skies still remain open; so I guess we’re still here. 


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