Poem – The Unknown Above and Below

For his face I cannot describe, the thoughts will bring terror back to life

His demeanour was careless, a fool with nothing but hatred 

Larger than life and filled with great goals, goals of which contained nothing but dread 

Loyalty was no option as he continued his path, still even now, his actions send shivers abound 

He didn’t care for you or I, in fact all he cared was how high he could climb

In the end he had to fall, as the destruction he’d made was far greater for all 

The world had to make an example of him, so rock bottom was the only place for him 

Still to this day I dream of it all, how he stood above all, terror to the core 

He still lives today questioning it all, but he dwells at the bottom so he can’t hurt no more

Each day I try and see if I can get up, one day soon I’ll see you up top. 


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