Poem – Cradled Grave

With existence on a timer, there’s all need for despair

As we acknowledge death before our eyes, hope is all but gone

Do we choose to fight for the right to live, or let it all just slip away? 

Can you just let go of it all, from the beginning to the end? 

How can we be so happy yet so broken, so successful yet so corrupt

To determine what ones worth is, from dawn to dusk, you’ve mistaken all of this 

Heads filled with illusions of ever after, don’t fall for such grandiose 

We are better than the lie, better than the fake 

You are better than the lie, better than the fake

Fake be damned, falling and spiralling, as we all will 

Head never clear, mind fights the fog, drowning in the swamps

Can’t be held down as I’m too high up, can’t be held up as I’m too far down

Cries for help, the cries aren’t mine but yours

Bear witness to the ending. 


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