My Path. 

He struggled to stand up. His bones and muscles were aching, his mind disoriented and foggy. “Where am I?” He quizzed himself trying to figure out where he was. There wasn’t much to look at as his location was dark and somewhat smokey. 

He scaled up the wall to get to his feet, it had occurred to him that he was in a hallway. He could only see a couple of feet in front of him, so he carefully took steps foward in hope that he may see some answers that are buzzing in his mind.

“HELLO! IS ANYONE THERE?”. He’s begun to crumple over as the pain was getting to him and once again the wall saved him from falling to the ground. “I am hurt and in need of help.. Anyone?”. He slowly progresses down the hall feeling around on the walls to feel for any door handles or anything he can grab. 

Then all of a sudden he lost his footing and began to tumble down. He was spinning, being tossed on his head, back, arms! He couldn’t stop until.. THUMP! He hit the ground, hard! If he wasn’t dazed and confused before, he definitely was now. He thought he had broken his hand, it was excruciating and throbbing in pain but he wasn’t able to see how it looked.

It was hard, and he once again struggled, but he got to his feet again while trying to keep balance. He felt around with his feet to try and workout what had happened. His foot kicked against a step, then realised he had fallen down a flight of stairs. 

As he turned around to continue down what seemed to be a multi-level hallway, he saw a dim glow in the distance. He tried to squint to see if he could recognise it at all, but there was no way he could make out what it was. So he continued down the hall. 

He wasn’t too sure if he hit his head too hard which caused some affect, but he felt a little off. The air had changed. He didn’t know if it had thinned or got thicker. He felt a chill go down his spine then shook him to his core. The light at the end seemed to flicker, which made him wonder if it was a fire which gave him a glimmer of hope. 

He was getting closer and closer to the light and he could now see that it was a wooden torch. The torched seem new so two thoughts had come to his mind. Firstly, he thought right in front of him is now his best friend in what seems to be the darkest abyss. He was going to guard this torch with his life, as it was now as important as his eyes. And secondly, the fire is new… Is someone else here? 

To be continued…


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