Why Blog? 

I’ve never blogged until now, but why have I chose to blog at all? I think there is a number of a answers to that and I’ll explain what they are. 

As I mentioned in my introduction, I enjoy writing. It is a way to escape reality. It’s a way to get all the running thoughts in my head and turn it into something creative. I’ve never finished a story though.. So that can be one of my goals this year.

In addition to just the enjoyment of writing, I feel that if I blog (perhaps daily), it will improve my writing technique and ability to become more creative. “Pushing the envelope” as they say. I’m not doing this to become recognised for anything, but I am doing this to fulfil some sort of wish within myself. 

I enjoy any sorts of criticism, and maybe that is partially why I am here as well. I’ll listen to any ways of improvement and I will work on them. I can only criticise myself for so long that now I reach out for others to point out places that needs a little work.. Or a lot! 

But aside from all the whole writing improvements and my love of writing ramble, there are other reasons. 

I enjoy talking about different things like gaming, music, sports, world events.. And where better than right here.. On a blog. I know a lot of people out there don’t care about my opinion or anyone’s opinions, but there will be people out there that will be wanting to talk about things. 

And also it’s a way that I can talk about my personal life topics pretty much to a whiteboard. Not the whiny kind (maybe a little), but just any thoughts in general! 

This is my blog, my book.. If you will. If you don’t really want to know what I think, that’s okay. But if you are curious, then enjoy. This is the beginning. 



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