Why Blog? 

I’ve never blogged until now, but why have I chose to blog at all? I think there is a number of a answers to that and I’ll explain what they are. 

As I mentioned in my introduction, I enjoy writing. It is a way to escape reality. It’s a way to get all the running thoughts in my head and turn it into something creative. I’ve never finished a story though.. So that can be one of my goals this year.

In addition to just the enjoyment of writing, I feel that if I blog (perhaps daily), it will improve my writing technique and ability to become more creative. “Pushing the envelope” as they say. I’m not doing this to become recognised for anything, but I am doing this to fulfil some sort of wish within myself. 

I enjoy any sorts of criticism, and maybe that is partially why I am here as well. I’ll listen to any ways of improvement and I will work on them. I can only criticise myself for so long that now I reach out for others to point out places that needs a little work.. Or a lot! 

But aside from all the whole writing improvements and my love of writing ramble, there are other reasons. 

I enjoy talking about different things like gaming, music, sports, world events.. And where better than right here.. On a blog. I know a lot of people out there don’t care about my opinion or anyone’s opinions, but there will be people out there that will be wanting to talk about things. 

And also it’s a way that I can talk about my personal life topics pretty much to a whiteboard. Not the whiny kind (maybe a little), but just any thoughts in general! 

This is my blog, my book.. If you will. If you don’t really want to know what I think, that’s okay. But if you are curious, then enjoy. This is the beginning. 



Introducing myself to 2015

Well, this was a long time coming. I have been thinking about doing a blog for a quite some time now, but it’s only taken until now to commence. I don’t know what held me back before, maybe my immature mind, or perhaps I felt my own view on life wasn’t interesting or valid. 

But here right now, I start. How does the saying go.. “Better now than never”.. I guess that couldn’t be more appropriate now. 

My name is Steven, but in the Internet community i go under Tipene, which is actually “Steven” in the Maori language. I don’t know if I call myself Tipene online because I’m attempting (not very well) to hide my identity.. Or perhaps I just like the sound of Tipene.

I’m currently unemployed, but remaining very active to find a job. I enjoy video games, very much so actually, though never wanted to progress with it as a career, maybe it could have been a good idea. Could you say I play games too much? Not anymore, ask me a couple of years ago and it would have been a different answer.

I’ve always enjoyed writing. Writing and reading actually. I’ve always dreamed of becoming an author. Since I was a little kid I’ve always been filling pages with stories. Strange stories, scary stories, happy stories, My stories. And always reading. The bigger the book the better! 

I’m an avid fan of Metal music. The heavier, louder, crazier, the better. I haven’t always been a fan, there was actually a time where I loathed it. But its all I’m finding myself listening to nowadays.

Anyway, that’s enough about me, for now anyway… Obviously. 

As we waltz into 2015 I choose now to reflect on 2014. A strange, horrible, magnificent, beautiful, disastrous year. Oh where oh where do I begin..

In 2014, my battle of depression roared on as usual, I had my first surgery procedure which resulted in the removal of my appendix (didn’t need that bastard anyway), birth of my first child (gorgeous baby girl), the loss of a stale job, the lack of being able to get another job and all the usual filler in between. 

As I mentioned, in June I welcomed my daughter into this world. It was the most amazing moment of my life, I swear I hadn’t cried like that since my own birth. And now, watching her physically as mentally grow, watching her personality become more and more special as each day goes is truly amazing! I wouldn’t change it for the world! 

But that would present itself as one of the only (but very big) good thing of 2014. Not to say it was the worst year, but not the best. I don’t like to whinge and whine and I won’t be starting today. But I’d say the biggest downer was losing my job. A lot of people lose their jobs time to time and I am no different. I will not play the woe is me card… Anymore (guilty, played the card a little when I first lost the job). 

I try to think of it as a good thing though. I never did like the job. It was simply a means to an end. I was never happy with it, as I could feel myself as a whole, degrading under the conditions of the job. Since being unemployed, I feel rejuvenated, happier and I feel ready. Ready for what? Anything. 

I don’t know what 2015 will continue to bring me, but that is the best part about living I guess.. The surprises! 

All I know is that I’ll be making an effort this year in a lot of things! I’ve always wanted to stream video games so now I will be (twitch.tv/tipene_77), I’ll be reading more books, paying extra attention to my writing, fully supporting my daughter and partner and most of all, giving me reasons to live! 

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